As the fireworks are being lit up by those who are celebrating the coming of a new year, I strongly feel it’s about time to write something again. It’s been a long while since my last blog post - over a year and half to be more precise.  It really has been lacking some online presence and I feel I’d better get on with this again. There’s no better time for reflection after all. 

So what’s new in my 2016? In a nutshell, a new start for family and work: a new baby, a new studio and of course a new website. As I have been thinking over and over again what specific topics I should dedicate my blog post to, I always struggled to find a clear direction and couldn’t help but feel a bit purposeless. Fashion, behind the scenes, photoshoot ideas, cameras, lighting and technical aspects of photography all flashed in my mind, since that’s what a working photographer face on a day to day basis but perhaps better yet, I will let ideas roll and speak freely on what’s in my mind. Be open, be free! 

As for my new year resolution for 2017? Hmmmm…hopefully 30mp or more! lol. In the coming year I will try to be more story based and content driven. So stay tuned to this space, you will hear a lot of mumbling, see a lot of my new work and hopefully find them interesting and be inspired! See you in 2017!

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